Welcome to the Education Tribunal for Wales

The Education Tribunal for Wales makes decisions on appeals about additional learning needs or special educational needs and claims of disability discrimination in schools.

The Education Tribunal for Wales deals with disputes to do with:

Individual development plans (IDP)

If you are appealing a decision made about an individual development plan (IDP) or an assessment about additional learning needs, please use the guidance on this website. For these students, a lot of rules have changed, so we have updated the guidance on this website.

Claims of disability discrimination

Children, their parents, and young people can make a claim of disability discrimination in school to the Education Tribunal for Wales (ETW). Please note that Claims of Disability Discrimination against Further Education Institutions (FEIs) should be made to the County Court.

Statement of special educational needs

If you have a dispute about a statement of special educational needs (SEN), or a decision made in the SEN system, you should use the guidance on our old website.

Tribunal office arrangements

The tribunal continues to work remotely with limited access to items delivered by post. If possible, please ensure that any documents required by the tribunal (including application forms and written submissions) are sent by email to educationtribunal@gov.wales.

If this is not possible, please contact the tribunal office on 0300 025 9800 for alternative arrangements.

The tribunal is listing hearings as normal. However, please note that in the majority of cases hearings are being listed virtually using the Tribunal's cloud video platform.

Recording of Tribunal Hearings

Please note that the Tribunal is not recording tribunal hearings.  It is a criminal offence to record tribunal hearings including taking any photographs, videos or audio recordings.

Welsh language


You can choose to hold your Tribunal in Welsh or English. You can also communicate with the Tribunal in either language.

Our background

The Education Tribunal for Wales (ETW) hears and makes decisions on appeals about the additional learning needs, or special educational needs, of children and young people, and claims of disability discrimination in schools.

ETW is an independent tribunal. It is funded by the government, but its members and decisions are wholly independent of government, and all other bodies. Its decisions are binding, and local authorities and responsible bodies must follow its orders.

Statistical information and an annual account of activities are provided in the annual report.

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