Children, their parents, and young people can make appeals to ETW against certain decisions made by Welsh local authorities about additional learning needs.

Children and young people, you may also find the information on the “Children and young people” page of our website helpful. If you want, you can ask an adult to help you with your appeal.

The Publications Register  is a list of links to all of our guidance booklets and forms. Please download them from this website, or contact us if you would like us to send you copies by post. You will need to send completed forms by email or post to the Education Tribunal for Wales.

You can find these documents at the bottom of the page:


  • Appeal Application. When a local authority or FEI makes certain decisions about someone’s additional learning needs, the child or young person involved can make an appeal application to ask ETW to look at the decision. The parents of children of compulsory school age can also make their own application. (Appeal Application – Form ETW03)
  • Withdrawing an Appeal. Complete our form to let us know if you decide that you no longer want to continue with your appeal. (Withdrawal form – Form ETW21)

Guidance Booklets

  • Appeal guidance Our guidance booklet contains information about how to make an appeal, important time limits for making an appeal, the type of information we need and what happens once an appeal has been made. (Appeal guidance – Guidance booklet ETW02)
  • Appeal case statement guidance for applicants Once you have made an appeal we will ask you to let us have your case statement. Our guidance booklet explains how to prepare a case statement and what information we need you to provide. (Appeal case statement guidance for applicants- Guidance booklet ETW04)